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25 Luminance Unrooted Slips

25 Luminance Unrooted Slips

25 Luminance unrooted sweet potato cuttings.


Slips are sold in bundles of 25 and will be shipped Canada Post, tracked.


Luminance is a 110 day maturing variety with purple skin, white flesh variety and edible leaves. 


All slips will have at least 4 nodes, plant 2 nodes directly into the soil.


Prices include Royalty fees.

  • How to Plant

    You have decided to grow Sweet Potatoes! A powerhouse of nutrition, the sweet potato is a perfect example of a good food that’s good for you.  Did you know you can eat the leaves as well as the tubers?

    The greens of sweet potatoes can be used the same as kale or spinach, are delicious in salads and tasty in a stir fry and the large leaves can replace bread and buns in burgers and sandwiches.

    Now let’s get this nutritionally supercharged food from furrow to fork.

    Sweet potatoes are started by propagating a slip from the tuber. The slips are cut off so that there are at least 4 nodes on the slip. Two nodes go into the ground two nodes above. Each slip will produce 1-3 pounds of tubers but the slips that are designated to produce tubers should not be used to cut greens from.

    A couple weeks before your slips are to arrive, work the soil and either use a landscape fabric, a plastic mulch or even a couple of black garbage bags to warm the soil. Sweet potatoes are a tropical plant so they like their feet in warm soil. You will achieve better production if you use plastic mulch or landscape fabric through the whole growing season.

    When your slips arrive, it is a good practice to treat them like cut flowers. Trim the bottom of the stem and give them a drink of water. There is no need to leave them in water to root, it is best to get them in the ground after a short drink. Loosen soil, poke a hole with a skewer or stick and put the slip in the hole, at least 2 nodes but if you have a slip with more than four nodes put as many as possible in the hole, leaving two nodes out. Tap the soil around it and water. The slips will wilt, they will look like they are dying, and you will wonder why!! Then you will go out between days 8 and 12 and WOW new growth. The first month is very important for tuber production, watering is crucial, do not let them dry out.

Excluding GST/HST
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